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Jane Stewart

about 18301 - 19105

Life History

about 1830

Born in Enniskillen.1

28th Sep 1853

Married James Neithercut in St Quivox & Newton, Ayr.1

Determined from birth certificates of children

about 1854

Birth of son William Neithercut in Kamisheal, Ayr.2

24th Oct 1855

Birth of daughter Mary Neithercote in Uplawmoor, Renfrewshire.2,1

17th Apr 1857

Birth of daughter Jane Neithercut in Uplawmoor, Renfrewshire.6,1

15th Feb 1859

Birth of son George Neithercut in Uplawmoor, Renfrewshire.2,6,1

25th Jun 1860

Birth of daughter Frances Neithercote in Shilford, Renfrewshire.1

25th Aug 1862

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Neithercut in Uplawmoor, Renfrewshire.1

28th Sep 1864

Birth of son James Neithercote in 2 John Street, Rothesay, Bute.1

23rd Jul 1867

Birth of son Robert Neithercut in 1 Mill Street, Rothesay, Bute.1

21st Jul 1870

Death of James Neithercut in 11 Old Vennel, Rothesay, Bute.1


Death of daughter Elizabeth Neithercut in Rothesay, Bute.5


Resident in 34 Mill Street, Rothesay, Bute.2


Death of daughter Jane Neithercut in Rothesay, Bute.5


Occupation Formally Domestic Servant.3


Resident in Mill Street, Rothesay, Bute.3


Resident in 24 Mill Street, Rothesay, Bute.4


Died in Rothesay, Bute.5

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