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Thomas Towie

21st Nov 18681 - 22nd Dec 19441

Life History

21st Nov 1868

Born in Dublin.1


Occupation Riviter.1

22nd Feb 1892

Married Fanny King in Dumbarton.1

29th Dec 1893

Birth of daughter Ellen Towie in Dumbarton.1

13th Jan 1895

Birth of daughter Annie Towie in Dumbarton.1

9th Oct 1896

Birth of son Thomas Paul Towie in Dumbarton.1

26th Aug 1898

Birth of daughter Bridget Frances Towie in Dumbarton.1

5th Oct 1898

Death of daughter Bridget Frances Towie in Dumbarton.1

29th Aug 1899

Birth of son Peter Towie in Dumbarton.1

21st Apr 1903

Birth of daughter Mary Towie in Dumbarton.1

22nd Dec 1944

Died in Dumbarton.1

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