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James Towie

about 18261 - 23rd Jan 18671

Life History

about 1826

Born in Edinburgh.1

2nd Nov 1850

Married Jessie (or Janet) White in Dumbarton.1

about 1852

Birth of daughter Christina Towie.1

19th Jan 1855

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Towie in Govan, Glasgow.1

4th Feb 1857

Birth of daughter Agnes Towie in Govan, Glasgow.1

20th Feb 1859

Birth of son James Towie in Glasgow.1

3rd Feb 1861

Birth of son Thomas Towie in Cardross, Dumbarton.1

5th Feb 1863

Birth of daughter Jessie Towie in Cardross, Dumbarton.1

13th Feb 1865

Birth of son John Towie in Renton, Cardross, Dumbarton.1

19th Jan 1867

Birth of son Robert Bain Towie in Renton, Cardross, Dumbarton.1

23rd Jan 1867

Died in Cardross, Dumbarton.1

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