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Joseph Neithercut

13th Dec 18681 - before 19404

Life History

13th Dec 1868

Born in Allison Street, Murton, Ayr.1


Occupation Printfield Worker.5


Occupation Coalminer.2


Resident in 50 Harriet Street, Rutherglen.1

4th Mar 1892

Married Elizabeth Shields in 50 Harriet Street, Rutherglen.7,1

Residing with her daughter and son-in-law Raymond Bourque

7th Oct 1892

Birth of daughter Jane Neithercut in 44 Harriet Street, Rutherglen.1

9th Apr 1894

Birth of son John Shields Neithercut in Rutherglen.3,6

10th Jun 1894

Death of daughter Jane Neithercut in 258 King Street, Rutherglen.1

about 1895

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Neithercut in Scotland.3

about 1897

Birth of daughter Jeanne Neithercut in Rutherglen.3

18th Dec 1898

Birth of son Joseph Shields Neithercut in 25 Stonelaw Street, Rutherglen.3,1

about 1901

Birth of daughter Margaret Neithercut in Rutherglen.3


Resident in 25 Stonelaw Street, Rutherglen.2

16th Jul 1904

Birth of son Thomas Garity Neithercut in Rutherglen.7,3

25th Feb 1906

Birth of daughter Rosina Quinn Neithercut in Rutherglen.7

1st Nov 1906

Death of daughter Rosina Quinn Neithercut in 35 Stonelaw Street, Rutherglen.1

4th Dec 1907

Birth of son James McGueness Neithercut in Rutherglen.7,3


Death of daughter Mary Neithercut in Rutherglen.8


Occupation Coalminer.3


Resident in 35 Stonelaw Road, Rutherglen.3

30th May 1911

Birth of daughter Mary Neithercut in Rutherglen.7

25th Feb 1915

Birth of daughter Euphemie McLuskey Neithercut in Fitchburg, Worcester, Mass.7

before 1940


Elizabeth Shields recorded as widow 1940 census

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