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Francis Bannon

22nd Apr 18751 - 12th Jan 193611,12

Life History

22nd Apr 1875

Born in The Union Workhouse, Cootehill, Co. Cavan.1

23rd Apr 1875

Baptised in Drumgoon Parish, Cootehill, Co. Cavan.2


Resident in 79 Belville Street, Greenock.3


Occupation Vanman.4


Resident in 21 St Ninians Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow.4


Occupation Stableman.5


Resident in 96 Rottenrow, Glasgow.5

1st Apr 1905

Birth of daughter Agnes Bannon in 96 Rottenrow, Glasgow.5

1st Apr 1905

Birth of daughter Catherine Bannon in 96 Rottenrow, Glasgow.5

17th May 1905

Married Agnes Leith in St. Mungo's, Townhead, Glasgow.5

3rd Jun 1906

Death of daughter Catherine Bannon in 58 Taylor Street, Glasgow.5

30th Mar 1907

Immigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba.6


Occupation Stableman for a private dairy.7


Resident in 749 McGee Street, Winnipeg, MA.7

13th May 1914

Married Mary Lewis in Winnipeg, Manitoba.11

Subsequently, Frank and Mary remarried on 27th Jul 1927 in Winnipeg.

about 1915

Birth of son Frank Bannon in Manitoba.8

27th Aug 1915

Other event in Military - Private 301374, 37th Overseas Batt. Canadian Field Artillary, CEF.6

27th Aug 1915

Resident in 847 McDermott Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.6


Occupation Coachman.8


Resident in 303 St Mary Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.8

Census noted on overseas military service.

30th Dec 1917

Death of son Frank Bannon in Winnipeg, Manitoba.14

about 1920

Birth of son Francis McAffrey Bannon in Manitoba.9


Occupation Stableman for a bakery.9

Stated earnings were C$1200 in the previous 12 months.


Resident in 530 Notre Dame, Winnipeg, Manitoba.9


Occupation Stable Foreman.10

about 1925

Birth of daughter Evelyn May Bannon in Winnipeg, Manitoba.10,12

12th Apr 1926

Death of Agnes Leith in 114 Trongate, Glasgow.5

about 1927

Birth of daughter Agnes Eleanor (known as Dolly) Bannon in Winnipeg, Manitoba.10


Resident in 712 McMicken Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.10


Occupation Waiter in a hotel.10

12th Jan 1936

Died in 844 Burnell Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.11,12

Winnipeg Free Press 16 Jan 1936

Other facts


Buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Winnipeg.13


Birth of son Edgar William (known as Gary) Bannon


Birth of daughter Mabel Catherine Bannon


Birth of daughter Violet Edna Lilian Bannon


  • Francis or Frank Bannon first emgrated to Canada on leaving Glasgow on the 16th March 1907, arriving Halifax N.S. 30 March 1907 aboard The SS Corinthian of the Allan Line. Final destination Winnipeg, Occupation given as Groom.

    Sponsored by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Under the "British Bonus Scheme"

    "a commission paid by the Canadian government's
    Immigration Branch to steamship booking agents in the United Kingdom and
    in European countries for each suitable immigrant who purchased a ticket
    to sail to Canada. The immigrants themselves did not receive the bonus,
    although those who settled on western homesteads did receive a separate
    monetary bonus upon proof of settlement."

    He returned to Scotland on the 29 June 1908 aboard The Grampian of the Allan Line, travelling 3rd Class from Montreal/Quebec to Glasgow. This time his occupation is Coachman.

    He returned to Halifax, Canada on 12 October 1908 aboard the SS Pretorian of the Allan Line having left Glasgow on 3 October 1908.  Occupation given as Stableman. Final destination - Winnipeg.

    His daughter Agnes traveled to Canada on 8th November 1908  with her aunt Mary Jane Bannon aboard The Empress of Ireland. Sailing from Liverpool to Quebec, the ships manifest is noted "to father, Winnipeg"

    Agnes Leith followed on 10th January 1909 to Halifax from Glasgow aboard The Sicilian of the Allan Line. The manifest lists her as "wife to a coachman" final destination Winnipeg and noted CPR.

    However Agnes returned to Scotland with her daughter in December 1909.

    His daughter returned to Canada in May 1911 accompanied by Edward Johnston, "husband" of Francis's sister Annie.
  • Witness to:  Mary Agnes Bannon  Christened  5 Jun 1904  St Mary's, Greenock

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