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Michael Quinn

about 18291,2 - 7th Jan 19073

Life History

about 1829

Born in Adair, Limerick.1,2

22nd May 1849

Other event in Military -.2

Discharged 2924, Private, 1st Btn, 21st Regiment of Royal North British Fusiliers.

about 1861

Birth of son James Quinn in Ayr.1


Resident in The Barracks, Ayr.3

1st Jun 1866

Married Rosina Vance in Ayr.1

about 1873

Birth of son Michael Quinn.1

about 1875

Birth of son William Quinn in Ayr.1

about 1880

Birth of daughter Bella Quinn in Ayr.1

about 1884

Birth of son Richard Quinn in Ayr.1

about 1886

Birth of son Joseph Quinn in Ayr.1

about 1888

Birth of son John Quinn in Newton-on-Ayr.1

7th Sep 1890

Birth of son Francis Quinn in 34 Wellington Street, Ayr.1,3


Occupation Porter.1


Resident in 34 Wellington Street, Ayr.1


Resident in 89 South Harbour Street, Ayr.4


Occupation Hotel Porter.3

10th Mar 1906

Death of Rosina Vance in 89 South Harbour Street, Ayr.3

7th Jan 1907

Died in 33 Carrick Street, Ayr.3

Carcinoma of face

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